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If you have chipped, broken or missing teeth we can restore your smile. We make use of the highest quality materials paired with the latest technology in dentistry to make your smile both functional and beautiful again.Dr. Clifton and his assistant will consult with you and then design your custom treatment plan to bring back your smile OR create a whole new smile!

Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningOur in-office, state-of-the-art power bleaching will have your teeth whiter in less than an hour and a half! We also create “perfect fit” bleaching trays for your use at home that comes with a take home kit. This option lets you whiten your smile in about two weeks time. You can consider combining BOTH options- immediate whitening AND the at home kit to allow you to maintain your super white smile. Your teeth will look brilliant!


Tooth CrownsSometimes the best dental treatment for a tooth is a full coverage restoration. A crown covers the entire surface of the tooth and is completed in two visits. The types of crowns available include porcelain fused to metal (PFM), Gold Alloy (FGC), or an all porcelain crown. Dr. Clifton will decide which type is the best option for you determined by your specific needs. No matter which is chosen you can be sure that your finished crown will be both functional and beautiful. We aim for perfection!


Dental FillingsWhen you need a filling we use only the top of the line materials to repair and restore your tooth. We use composite (tooth colored) fillings to restore your tooth to its previous look and feel. This material provides durability and resistance to fracture while allowing a pleasing aesthetic and natural looking teeth.

Cosmetic Veneers / Cosmetic Crowns

VeneersDo your teeth require more than just whitening? Have you ever wondered if you could totally change the way your smile appears? A “make-over” smile is possible with custom made veneers and/or all porcelain crowns. We also have “Snap-On Smile” prosthetics. Dr. Clifton can consult with you on the available options for creating that smile you have always dreamed of -made to order – just for you!

Partial Denture

Partial DenturesIf you have one or more missing teeth you may require a partial denture. This is made by taking an impression of your existing teeth and making a specific fitted prosthetic that takes the place of the missing teeth and attaches to the existing teeth with clasps. The partial denture is removable for cleaning and sleeping. Dr. Clifton will determine which partial denture is correct for your case- either the metal framework or acrylic. Either option will allow better chewing efficiency so you can continue to eat the kinds of foods you love!

Full Dentures

Full DenturesIn cases where all the teeth must be extracted, we take the time to evaluate your condition carefully to make the transition from teeth to full dentures as easy as possible. Dr. Clifton wants you to understand that this will be a process that we will go through together and making sure that, in the end, your dentures fit and function properly. We also work closely with our dental laboratories to provide denture repair, replacement and relining services. We will have you smiling!


Dental BridgesIf you have one or more missing teeth you may require a bridge. Sometimes called a fixed partial denture it is made by placing crowns on the teeth on either side of a missing tooth (or teeth) and “bridging” the gap by bonding a pontic (or false tooth) in between. Whether you are a good candidate for a bridge depends on where the missing tooth is located and the health of the existing teeth needed to support the bridge. Dr. Clifton will examine your case thoroughly before deciding if a bridge is best for you.

Implant Supported Crowns

Implanted Dental CrownsAfter losing a tooth, one of the best options for replacement is an implant supported crown. The implant functions as the root of the missing tooth. After surgical placement of the implant by Dr. Clifton or the periodontist/ oral surgeons and sufficient healing time, Dr. Clifton will place an abutment with a custom made crown on top of your implant. Appearance and function are both superior. You will feel almost as if you have gotten your original tooth back!

Root Canal Treatment

Root CanalAt times this procedure is the only alternative to saving one of your important teeth. Dr. Clifton will examine your tooth for specific symptoms indicating the need for a root canal. There are times that Dr. Clifton will perform treatment himself, but in certain circumstances he may refer you to one of the excellent Endodontists that we work closely with. No matter which option is chosen, Dr. Clifton will make sure that your tooth remains comfortable until treatment can be performed. After the root canal is completed, you will need to see Dr. Clifton to have the tooth restored in a timely fashion. This will ensure that the tooth maintains full function and lasts a long time into the future.

Tooth Extraction

Extracted ToothThe decision to remove a tooth is not one taken lightly. We want you to be able to keep all viable teeth for a lifetime and will go the distance to help you in that effort. However, there are situations where a tooth must be taken out. The tooth will be x-rayed and examined. Dr. Clifton will then decide whether to perform the extraction himself or may refer you to one of the excellent Oral Surgeons for a more complex procedure. If you must lose a tooth, we can also advise you on the best options for replacement suited to your particular needs- partial denture, bridge or implants!

Implant Supported Dentures

Implanted DenturesNot every patient is comfortable with dentures after losing their teeth. The lower denture, especially has a tendency to “float” and can interrupt fit and function. Also, after years of denture wear, the tissue tends to get “lazy” and the dentures do not fit as well as they once did. The solution to either problem is the implant supported denture. Implants will be placed by Dr. Clifton or the periodontist/oral surgeon. After healing, Dr. Clifton will custom make a denture to fit over the implants and actually “lock on” to custom “snaps” inside. The result is a well fitting and well functioning denture. Finally- the ability to eat and enjoy food again!